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U.S. CAS–Active Curriculum Panel

Other Presenter(s): 
Kevin Waterman, Education Development Center
Other Presenter(s): 
James Fey, University of Maryland
Other Presenter(s): 
M. Kathleen Heid, The Pennsylvania State University
Other Presenter(s): 
Zalman Usiskin, University of Chicago
Other Presenter(s): 
Natalie Jakucyn (Moderator)
June 17, 2007
4th Annual USACAS Conference
Glenbrook South High School, Glenview, IL

The panelists, all of whom are U.S. CAS–active curriculum developers, each provided brief summaries of such issues as a brief history of their curriculum project, how CAS is used, some sample CAS lessons and problems, the challenges of writing and developing a CAS–active curriculum, and some lessons learned from their efforts.