CME Project Program Components

Common Core Student Edition This hardbound text contains 8 chapters. Each chapter contains 3-4 Investigations. Each Investigation contains 3-6 Lessons. Each Chapter also includes a Mid-Chapter Test, Chapter Review, Chapter Test, and Project. A TI-Nspire™ Appendix is also included to support students’ use of this powerful new technology. Also available as a eText on Pearson SuccessNet and for iPad/Android tablets. Common Core Teacher’s Edition The structure of the CME Project Teacher’s Edition provides the support you need at point-of-use.

• Detailed math background for every chapter and lesson

• Complete support for pacing and resource management

• Detailed, daily teaching plans

• Support for differentiating instruction

• Assignment guide

• Also available as a eText on Pearson SuccessNet and for iPad/Android tablets

Implementation Guide (grades 9-12 resource) This powerful teacher resource provides a detailed overview of the CME Project along with specific recommendations for teachers and districts on implementing the program.

Additional Practice Workbook (available one per grade level) This student consumable provides additional practice for every lesson.

Assessment Resources All your program assessments, including lesson quizzes & mid-chapter, chapter, quarter, and mid-year tests are located in one convenient location on Pearson SuccessNet.

Teaching Resources Answers to the Additional Practice Workbook as well as blackline masters of resources that can be used as transparencies or handouts are included in this resource to support teachers during instruction.

Solutions Manual Worked-out solutions for every exercise.

ExamView® Test Generator CD-ROM (grades 9-12 resource) Choose from an extensive question bank, containing questions written for the CME Project, to quickly and easily create level practice worksheets and test. Correlations to state standards are available so users can progress monitor student achievement on essential content for their state.

Pearson SuccessNet Pearson SuccessNet is a complete K–12, online teaching and learning environment. It’s the one site where everyone—teachers, students, parents, and administrators—can access program resources, such as:

• Student and Teacher Edition eText

• Teaching and Assessment Resources

• Homework Video Tutors

• Online Practice Activities

SuccessTracker™ (available per grade level) Personalized intervention for each student. Assess, diagnose, remediate, and report student performance throughout the year so there are no “surprises” come the “big test.”